Agnes Quill

agnes_jessfink0.pngAgnes Quill is a superb comic by David Roman. It follows the adventures of its title character, a teenage detective whose cases always seem to take a paranormal bent. Roman presents a range of interesting characters and refreshingly original plots. There are Six Agnes stories so far: The Mummified Heirloom, The Divided man, Zombie Love Trap, Buried Homes and Gardens, Lost and Found and Invite Only. These are to be collected into a graphic novel published by Slave Labour Graphics in October.
The Stories are of a generally high quality, with The Mummified Heirloom being the best in my opinion and Buried Homes and Gardens the worst.
The art throughout is of a consistently high standard and the artists style reflects the mood of the stories perfectly.
Jason Ho’s moody black and white ink provides us with our first view of legerdemain and Agnes up to her neck in ghosts and goons, setting the standard for the series.
Not to be outdone Jeff Zornow opens Zombie Love Trap with an atmospheric cityscape that proves that he’s up to the challenge provided by Ho. His work is masterful and reminiscent in my opinion of early 2000AD strips. As good as Zornow’s art is the series has a downward blip with Buried Homes and Gardens which has all the right elements for a rip roaring adventure but feels a little flat in the final delivery.
The strip returns to form with Lost and Found, with Raina Telgemeir taking the comic in a more toony direction, which none the less compliments the storyline of child ghosts.
David Roman Sums up the series with Invite Only and his style creates a surprisingly sinister mood.
Agnes Quill showed me what webcomics have to offer and inspired me to look at the work of independent artist in a fresh light. Free of editors they have an opportunity to try fresh ideas, which is a breath of fresh air in a form dominated by X-men clones and preacher wannabes.

  1. February 17th, 2007

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