Ghost Rider: The Road to Damnation


Written by Garth Ennis and illustrated by Clayton Crain.
This book was something of a gamble for me . I’m not Garth Ennis’ biggest fan, while his work is of high quality he does have a tendency to crassness. However, in this book he resists. While some of his characters still retain a preacher like quality, such as Buttview to name but one, overall this is a finally crafted tale. Ghostrider is pitched into a struggle between heaven and hell. As you’d expect Ennis portrays the hosts of heaven and hell as nasty as one another. Humans are expendable to both sides. It is difficult to find a sympathetic character in this book. Ghostrider spends too much of his time at the center of the action to act as a moral fulcrum, that role falls to humble mortal Jemima Catmint. Crains’ artwork is lush in detail and colour and provides a worthy stage for the oldest cold war in creation.
As you would expect from a Ghostrider title this is a hell for leather action adventure. Not really deep and thoughtful but a diverting read nonetheless.

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