Demonology 101


This series by Faith Erin Hicks is now complete. It tells the tale of Raven, A half-Demon, teenager and her battles against the evil Jenner’s and their demon allies.

The events prior to the story that unfolds in the comic are compelling and intriguing, they would make a great book in their own right. This is always a positive point in a narrative in my view. While Hicks does offer an origin story for one of the villains we never really find out all that has gone on before between the Network and the Jenners.

In tone the dialogue takes on a buffyesque quality from time to time, but I guess this is only natural as it involves teen characters in a high school setting. This the only point were this series can be compared with external influences. The witty banter and repartee gives this comic a lot of its charm as do the complex relationships between characters. This is most importantly a character driven piece that has compelling, sympathetic villains that are more than simple two dimensional stock bad guys. This is more of a cold war between good and evil that has suddenly warmed up. Most of the villains are evil because of family tradition or ’cause they’’re demons and that’s what demons do right?, rather than any particular zeal for the cause.

The major positive with this series is that it’’s complete, you get to read the whole story without having to wait for updates. This is also a major negative because you will get to the end of this comic and still want more.

Demonology 101 is a superb comic and en engaging read. Read it now.

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