Hero: beautiful but empty?

val0.jpgHero is an experimental comic by Hwei that follows a nameless narrator on his journeys. The narrator lives with a witch and recounts his experiences living with her and when he eventually leaves her home.
The artwork is gorgeous and has an ethereal quality that matches the tone of the comic. Well executed fine lines are accentuated by subtle washes, black and white backgrounds and beautifully coloured panels. The art clearly takes precedence here and a clever bit of web coding allows the reader to appreciate it in its full glory as the text is only revealed in a tooltip by hovering the mouse above the page. This also adds to the overall air of mystery that permeates this tale, as the story appears and disappears. This takes some getting used to but it is a great innovation.
However, the story is very gently paced and the comic could be accused of being a little too obsessed with art at the expense of story. I for one will persevere with this one and see how it works out. After all this kind of talent and innovation need encouraging. Look upon these works Spark Tan and despair

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