Red Panther: Less of a flash more of a fizzle

rphp10.gifRed Panther by Spark Tan, is a flash based web comic that tries to add an element of interactivity to the form. In principle I like the idea. In execution it leaves a lot to be desired. Artistically it comes across as average wannabe manga artist at its worst. The mutimedia veneer does little to hide its shortcomings, the sound effects simply annoy and the opportunity to choose how the story should progress seems a little cheesy.
The sub-standard manga feel carries through to the the entire premise of the comic. The Burea for Paranormal invistigation (hmm similar to the BPRD) are humanities defence against vampires, werewolves and Aliens. So far so predictable. The characters and overall style continue in this vein with the title character Red Panther sounding like a Bandai action figure (come back masked rider all is forgiven).
The first issue follows the new team member Sophie on her first mission, which sees her battling werewolves and being wolfwhistled by her new team mates. She is a typically mawkish Manga ingenue complete with her cat Twinkle (I ain’t making this up) and her team mates are equally well rounded (in other words more stock manga characters).
This showed a lot of promise when I heard about it and I thought the comics execution would match the writer’s introductory spiel. I was sadly mistaken. Finally only the first comic is free to ‘review’. I can’t believe that this guy thinks he will get paying members, but then there are bound to be people who like annoying cheesy plots, characters, sfx and art.

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