Update at last

technocracy.jpg I dunno where does the time go. Well time for a double bill to make up for my absence. The following two webcomics are both marked by their offbeat comedy.
First off Aaron Diaz’s Dresden Codak strip is more like a traditional funny in the newspaper. However, the similarities end at the form. Each full page strip manages to use obscure science and philosophy to crack jokes. Now this isn’t for everyone and I’m beginning to suspect I may be an uber geek but it is actually very funny. It is also quite thought provoking.
This a finely crafted comic that matches beautifully coloured art with excellent writing. This a quirky but entertaining strip that I’ll be keeping an eye on. Give it a try and I recommend the strip about Schrodinger’s cat.

The second comic for your consideration is I am a rocket builder. This is just as mad as Kodak’s work but takes on a narrative form. I should really say it takes on a multiple narrative as different stories are interweaved from the rise and fall of the sparrow’s king and their war for lebensraum against the squirrels.
The artist, Cave Monster (I don’t know their real name), experiments with flash animation as part of the strip and the last panel of each page has an interactive element that adds to the charm of the strip rather than seeming gimmicky.
This is a great comic and I am it’s newest devotee, you must check it out.

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