What’s in a name?

large_02.jpg This week Sci-Fi. We kick off with Marsh Rocket a comic by Jules Rivera. The comic is set in the far future. Battles between nations have been replaced by corporate hit squads. The hero with the unlikely moniker is apprentice to one of these corporate assassins, Mr Black. The series gets off to a great start following Mr Black’s progress from naive volunteer to cynical assassin. This is a great way to establish setting without relying on lengthy exposition during the main story.
Its a bit light on action at the moment as the author is establishing character and setting, but this seems set to change into the next chapter
The dialogue is snappy and is rarely irritating (except for the main protagonist, but this is intentional). It captures a kind of neo-noir feeling.
The art is great and the use of contrasting colours adds depth to the panels and conveys a variety of moods that may not be possible with straight black and white.
It’s still early days for this one but I will be keeping an eye on it to see how it progresses.

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