Instrument of War

tsfi-concept-009.jpgInstrument of War is a Sci-fi web comic by Robert Deas. Initially it appears to be a post apocalyptic tale like any other, replete with flashbacks to pre-apocalypse earth. Humanity is clinging to life amidst the ruins of earth when they are attacked by not one but two alien races (the cybernetic, war obsessed, Union and the life-manipulating Lineage).

It could be said that the Union is Borg like but the only similarity is the cybernetics. The union is more akin to cyborg Huns or Mongols.

The more organic Lineage are just as threatening to life as we know it with their own rather different values about life.

This is one of the comics’ strengths as Deas presents the aliens as morally ambiguous at best and down right villainous at worst. Each species has an individual look and their motivations, while alien, do make sense.

Ultimately this a love story, following Gideon and Isobel and their love for one another against the backdrop of interstellar war.

The series is introduced with a cut scene of space battle and establishes the threat of the villainous Union, preparing for their invasion of earth. This draws you into the story immediately. It reminds me of StarWars and the way the action would cut to the villains. From there the hero Gideon is embroiled in action which takes on a fairly relentless pace throughout only occasionally broken up by flashbacks that flesh out the characters and establish their relationships.

The art is competent and gives the comic a rough charm. It is its most effective when portraying the Union and their dark cybernetic look. It falls down a little when attempting to portray a more organic look for the Lineage as their ships and bodies end up looking like malformed tadpoles.

This a great series and I’m looking forward to chapter three in October ’06.

  1. Hey thanks for the review! Just had someone visit my site through this reiew so thought I would check it out. There’s been a bit of a delay with the new stuff but the comic has just started updating again. Check it out and let me know what you think.


  2. No problem and I’m so relieved you’ve decide to stick with the series. As soon as I’ve had a chance to check out Unity Rising I’ll be posting a review.

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