Depot-13 is the website of artist Otto Uhrwerk van Germain (how much is that worth at Scrabble). His fevered imaginings have given rise to a number of strange little web-comics.

The base comic for all of his other work is The Pretentious History of Everything. As you would imagine with such a ponderous title this is a strip about creation from Big Bang to entropy I guess (though he hasn’t got that far yet). U.V.G. (I ain’t typin’ that every time) manages to tell this rather familiar tale with a lot of humour and some unusual twists. I particular like the telepathic Xiphods; super evolved horseshoe crabs. The art is of a high standard and individual panels benefit from repeat viewings as you always notice something new the second time around.

On a tangent from this comic we have soup the story of wise-cracking microbes in the primordial soup. Again from this most unlikely of settings U.V.G creates wry humour (stinking algae think their so cool producing oxygen). As with the above comic (I ain’t typin’ that every time, either) the artwork is of a consistently high standard though, as suits the subject matter, more Spartan. The layout eschews traditional box panels, the strip takes on the form of a chain of molecules (or some such science type thing that I know nothing about).

Perhaps more traditional in content if not in delivery is Rex Target Zombie hunter. While this comic is in its early stages it shows some promise and like most of U.V.G’s work it doesn’t take itself seriously.

Ottocomics is were the artists doodlings are kept; starring a cartoon gasmask wearing version of himself. These are the surreal imaginings of one facing creative block and are fairly amusing.

Finally that brings me to Uku. The artwork is gorgeous, the colouring and depth of detail is superb. The story itself has a lot of charm though it is an entirely pictorial narrative. Uku is, I presume, the title character but it could also be the alien seeming creatures within the narrative

U.V.G. (I still ain’t typin’ it) has a fertile mind and if all of the above were not enough he appears to be working on another strip ‘Terra Exodus’. If you like oddball humour backed by quality artwork check out Depot-13.

  1. As noted in another post Otto is Artist of the month for September.

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