SPQR Blues

SPQR BluesKlio is writing and drawing like a demon at the moment. SPQR blues is being updated very regularly but quality is definitely not suffering. As I’ve mentioned before this is a strip featuring the adventures of Felix a Roman legionnaire. This is essentially a sword and sandals gumshoe series as Felix is involved in a number or intrigues.

Klio manages to create convincing and intriguing stories in a four to eight frame strip format. The occasional full page treatments for significant events in the story are superb offering the artist an opportunity to showcase their talents. The art is clean line, black and white pencils conferring a wealth of atmosphere in a fairly minimal way.
Felix has a long suffering charm and as the story develops you can understand where his world weary mien comes from. Like any Chandler or Hammet detective Felix finds himself as the bit player in the plots of the powerful. The supporting cast are vibrant and intriguing and I particularly like the decadent Domitian of chapter II who is someone you just love to hate. This is a great daily strip and well worth a read.

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