Attack of the cute: Jessica Mcleod’s comics

ard_promo_large.gifI’ve been toying with featuring an artist/writer of the month. Well this month I’m going for Jessica Mcleod. I think it may be because we’re expecting a baby that I’m overwhelmed by the cuteness of her artwork but that’s not the only reason. In addition to being adorable her work has a great sense of humour and the foul language stops the character’s cuteness from becoming cloying. Its the perfect antidote to endless Punisher wannabee’s and other badly written, badly drawn, ultra-violent trash. The artwork suits the material perfectly, is refreshing is its simplicity and to be honest anything more complex would take away from its charm. Out of all of Mcleod’s comics Activities for Rainy Days is the star and thanks to the character Frower I’m now trying to use undermuffin in conversations. Mungo Bean and Ghost Farm are just as good but so far they remain cute without the foul vocabulary.

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