Undertow Undertow is a quirky sword and sorcery manga by Britt. On face value its plot is what you would expect from a typical web based manga. However, it is told with a wry humour that lifts it from typical wannabee fare. It has all the sword and sorcery elements you’d expect but strives to avoid the obvious or at least place a twist on the familiar. I particularly enjoyed the character Saehral poking fun at RPG cliches like monsters carrying treasures. The occasional humourous interjections of the gods Fate and Destiny creating life on the planet are real gems and worth reading all on their own as brief as they are. The art becomes better as the strip develops and its clear that the artist is getting into their stride now. Yes this strip is manga but at no point is it twee or irritating. This a well crafted comic with interesting characters, a strong female lead and plenty of mystery. If you like manga there’s a lot on offer here and even if you don’t give it a try.

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