Starbooze: What a title!


Starbooze is a Sci-fi manga strip. I’ve so far failed to find a link between the title and the strip but that aside its a cracking comic. It’s early days yet but the action in the strip comes thick and fast, perhaps at the the expense of story.

I’m still a little bemused as to what the central premise of the comic actually is though as I’m unsure what is the central characters relationship to law and order beyond bieng some kind of P.I. I’m sure all will be made clear as the strip progresses.

The plot is hardly complex at the moment but the strip certainly starts off with a bang dropping the characters smack bang into the middle of a hostage situation, rattling along at a fierce pace.

The impressive pencils do a fine job of communicating the action and have some excellent detail. Although some panels at the heart of the action are a little unclear when clarity is most essential. The artist has acknowledged this and has suggested that they may rectify this at some point.

So far I’m impressed and will be keeping tabs on this, even if its just to see if starbooze will actually make an appearance.

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