Daily dose of Bonnet

littlepig3.gifI can’t believe that I haven’t reviewed Francis Bonnet‘s work before as I’ve been a great fan of Suburban Fairytales for some time. It was a shame when it ended back in September. I had become quite attached to the misadventures of Pinocchio and the Frog Prince. I generally can’t stand daily strips but Bonnet manages to be genuinely funny in three panels. All of his characters have their own charm and the idea of Humpty Dumpty being an extreme skater is brilliant. Bonnet’s style is simple and yet manages to convey emotion and comic takes to perfection. Bonnet’s site has full archives of Suburban Fairytales, Crunchy his earlier strip and his current daily Made to Malfuntion. Crunchy had some amusing characters but the title character was just plain annoying. Made to Malfunction builds on the success of Suburban Fairytales with Mortimer the hapless inventor but sadly Error the robot seems to be revisiting Crunchy’s annoying wise guy antics. You should definitely check out the ‘Fairytales’ archive and I’ll be keeping tabs on ‘Malfunction’ to see how it pans out.

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