The Zombie Hunters: Ch1 Underdogs

header.jpgUntil this comic makes it back to its usual updates here’s a review to tide you over. I’m a big fan of Zombie’s, as it’s the most heartwarming of potential doomsday scenarios. After all you always have a chance to avoid being munched on by Zombies, while you can’t run away from radiation.

The Zombie Hunters has great humour and a cracking artistic style. Jenny Romanchuk concentrates on dark humour interspersed with frenetic action. The strip is gloriously gory and if you’re offended by violence or foul language look elsewhere.

It follows the advetures of the Red Halos, a less than crack team of Zombie Hunters. There’s an interesting range of character in the team but my favourite is Maureen. One of the best sections of the comic is when Maureen and her crew come to the rescue with flamethrowers. Not only is it an ace piece of action it is superbly drawn and coloured.

As I’ve said before if you’re not into the comic get over there and check it out and hopefully you’ll soon have new material to get stuck into soon.

  1. August 7th, 2007

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