Withershins Wierdness

withershins.jpgKelly Michael Kotulak brings us the period mystery of Withershins. This beautiful engaging mystery draws the reader in with its gentle unveiling of mystery and compelling artwork. The comic follows Emile in his exploration of the half abandoned Umberland Asylum in search of his sister Aurora, a former patient who has mysteriously disappeared. Dr Algernon Folhard the manager of the institution has apparently called upon Emile to find her and to avoid a scandal. However, it seems that Algernon is more interested in analysing Emile than finding Aurora. What follows is a creepy mystery set in a crumbling Victorian Bedlam seemingly beset by the wild wastes of its gardens; a nightmare Eden denied to the characters. The pastel shades of the artwork lends itself well to conveying the stifling drabness of Umberland Asylum. Kotulak cleverly uses splashes of colour to highlight Emile’s dreamlike recollections of happier times. Dr Algernon comes across as a suitably creepy yet ambiguous character, reminding me of Dr Caligari in feel if not appearance. The fact that Emile’s mental state is questionable adds to this feeling. Is he hallucinating white rabbits or do the beasts of the garden talk to him. This comic is both beautifully drawn and fascinating in its mystery. It is a slow read and demands great concentration, which is unusual in a medium known for instant gratification. In spite of this allow yourself to be enthralled by the art work and you will soon find yourself, like me, lost in the west wing of the asylum.

  1. Hiya
    Just a quick email to let you know about a new
    online comic strip called fascist america
    about the bush administration at http://www.fascistamerica.net
    Its been getting some great reviews, but is still relatively unknown as its only been going a week.
    I hope you like it – maybe its worth a link.
    If you like to feature one of the cartoons (for free) that would be great.

  2. While I appreciate your desire to get some recognition for your work this isn’t really the way to do it. You could just mail me instead at djsmemory at googlemail dot com. One final point your link has too many dots and slashes meaning it doesn’t work. I’ve corrected it for you.

  3. I’m so glad to see a review for this wonderful webcomic here. WITHERSHINS is one of the best webcomics being produced and deserves as wide an audience as possible.

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