Gone with the Blastwave

homeworld1.jpgKimmo Lemetti follows the darkly humorous musings of soldiers caught up in a hopeless war in his post-apocalyptic comic Gone with the Blastwave. The comic portrays the battles between Red soldiers and there Blue and Yellow enemies locked in a futile conflict. Some may feel that this is reminiscent of Red V’s Blue but the strip is entirely original. The comic starts with a couple of Red soldiers hopelessly lost in a bombed out city. However, before you read too much into the comic this is not a polemical anti-war peace. This strip is entirely an exercise in stretching the artists skills and draws upon a wide range of sources, effectively parodying them in the process.
The art is amazing in its detail and surprisingly entirely digital, although every page looks hand painted. We are treated to a wide variety of angles because in the words of the artist ‘talking heads are boring’.  Despite the artists passing concern with this strip it is nonetheless a cracking comic and well worth the read.  One warning though, don’t expect frequent updates as they won’t be forthcoming.  Finally Lemetti also includeas a detailed explanation of the creative process with video, which is an intriguing insight into how he works.

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