Suburban godlings

Owen O’Donnel’s Urbanmythanubis.jpg: Anubis is a Manga about ex godlings bereft of worship reduced to mundane workaday existence. We meet Anubis the star of the piece just as his relationship heads into meltdown. It is this break-up that leads us neatly into the world of forgotten gods. The central idea here is that if your a god without worshipers you just end up pretty much like most mortals.

The strip is somewhat reminiscent of Tom Holt’s work with the mix of the mythical and the mundane but its much funnier than Holt.

The highlight of this comic for me has got to be, loafing flatemate extrordinaire, Odin. The Norse allfather has ended up as the equivalent of the perpetually single, unemployed friend who hangs around and annoys your girlfriend. Think Ed in Shaun of the dead and you’ve got the idea.

The art is manga in style and is a competent example of the form. I’m normally a fan of black and white, clean pencils but this strip could do with a little more gloss. Hell, even a good fine line pen would make the difference.

I think this strip has a lot of promise and I’ll be keeping tabs on Anubis’ floundering love life.

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