Manga Mayhem: Alpha Shade

alphashaderoof.jpgI’m just blown away by Alpha Shade. So much so I’m naming its creators Artist of the Month for December, even though it’s only the second of the month. This great Manga title by Christopher and Joseph Brudlos starts with a woompf dropping you straight into a war between two empires.

The comic is dynamic and action packed and although it does have some of the archetypal manga characters we’ve all come to love/loathe it carries it off with style and panache.

The artwork is fantastic, well drawn, well coloured and more importantly well composed. Each frame could easily be converted to film and carries the resonace of an action packed film in two dimensions. All this action serves to draw you in to a world were Great War stle aeroplanes share the skys with flying beasts an their riders. More importantly the creators have the courage to tear us away from the action and immerse the reader in back story. However, simply labelling it back story doesn’t really do chapters 2 and 3 justice. We find ourselves in the midst of an interdimensional cold war. Just as with the initial war you find yourselves bouyed along by the action and eager to have your questions answered.

This is a truly engaging title that has pretty much everything you could want in a comic, great art, a cracking story and proffesional production standards. If you need any more convincing check out their Flash Trailer and you’ll be sucked in to their world too.

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