Anything but happily EverAfter

header_ea.jpgWe have yet another retake of Little Red Riding Hood in EverAfter by Endling (sorry I only know him by his Devart tag). This time set in a nightmare asylum. The comic has a creepy atmosphere, coupled with violence and gore by the wagon-load.

It open’s as Li’l Red is making her breakout from the aforementioned institution governed by none other than Humpty Dumpty. Mr. Dumpty controls the worst excesses of the inhabitants of Grimoire (fairytale land) with the Everafter Asylum. Here you are likely to encounter the arachnophobic Miss Moffet and the psychopathic Red Riding hood. The build up to Red’s appearance is superbly done and when she finally arrives she is suitably sinister. The first few pages stack up one hell of a body count and the action is well executed with some nifty stunts pulled by the title character.

I’ve been keeping tabs on this strip for a while and I found Endling’s take on fairytale refreshing. His early character concepts and ideas for psychoses for fairytale characters on his DeviantArt gallery are particularly good. I haven’t enjoyed a retake on this tale this mucn since Roald Dahl’s nursery crimes.

The artwork is of a high quality, cartoonish with a manga-esque style, though the security guards that abound early on this comic are reminiscent of Hewlitt’s tank girl. The artist uses black and white artwork throughout, which considering the violence is probably a good thing.

Although the artwork is great and the character designs are fun and inventive, we are yet to see whether Endling can back up his artistic credentials with quality writinga as the comic has stalled at this opening prologue for a while. This comic has been around for some time and updates are infrequent but when they arrive the quality of the artwork justifies the wait. Hopefully we’ll see some further development soon.

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