Otherworldly mystery

au.jpegKassie’s Autumn in the Otherworld starts with an intriguing creation myth that is reminiscent in artistic style of 20’s art nouveau posters or Japanes prints. In tone it resonates with Japanese or Celtic mythology. This draws the reader into the artists world and grants the comic a suitably legendary quality. The main story throws the reader in the deepend as a number of characters are introduced amidst a clan war. It is here that the artistic style changes to stark black and white ink drawing.

Kassie (A.K.A Clemmy Pleming) has made her artistic influences clear siting a number of manga artists. However, her style actually reminds me of Aubrey Beardsley’s illustrations kind of blended with Manga in a style which is uniquely her own. I guess I think of Beardsley’s work because some of the characters are quite elegant in their proportions and posture. Like Beardsley there is the same combination of detail in character and austerity in backdrop. Also the art, while clearly influenced by manga, still retains some western sensibilities.

The story poses a number of questions which serve to draw the reader deeper in to the narrative. Although this can often be confusing as a number of points are so far unclear. Particularly whether the clans in question are human or some other race mentioned in the initial creation myth. This comic drew me in with its puzzling narrative and its compelling style. I’m hoping that this initial mystery will become clear as the narrative progresses.

  1. Wow, I’m honoured to be reviewed alongside giants like Alpha Shade!

    It’s funny that you say my art is reminiscient of Aubrey Beardsley – he’s one of my favourite artists and one I’ve studied quite a lot, so I guess it’s natural that his style should influence my own work.
    The comment about mythology is also spot on – I’ve always found inspiration in myths, particularly of the Norse, Greek and Celtic variety 😉

  2. Couldn’t have put it better myself ^___^
    nice one Kassie- keep up the good work. I particularly love the detail in all your work. Having seen the original stuff you do on paper, before it even gets scanned into the PC- I am in awe at the amount of delicate detail and time you put into each page! I could never have the patience !

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