Walking in Dreams

dreamchronwall1.jpgDaryl Toh’s Dreamwallker chronicles has completely sucked me in. This comic follows that adventures of Kyle and his imaginary friend as he finds himself wandering into the Native American spirit world.

The author is not indigent themselves but has a seemingly exhaustive knowledge of Native American mythology. The danger here is that we will simply see further mythologising of the indigents as ‘noble savages’. However, Toh avoids this trap by setting his narrative amidst modern reservation life and handling the characters with respect.

The art is manga influenced and of a high quality throughout. The dark tones add to a gently brooding atmosphere. I’m not familiar with the southwest of the USA except from movies but he certainly seems to have encapsulated the feel of the place. All of the Characters are well drawn and executed in artistic and literary terms. Kyle and his family are intriguing in their mundane and spiritual lives. Where this strip comes into its own is within its portrayal of the spirit world. Kyle’s imaginary friend and spirit guide is one of the most interesting and visually original characters I’ve come across for a while. The Wendigo is a truly sinister and threatening presence within the comic. The Hopi clown when it makes one of it’s appearance is really cute and very Manga in look ( I think its adorable; yet more proof that imminent parenthood is melting my brain). In fact the whole comic reminds me of a Studio Ghibli production, in content, style and temperament.

It is one of the freshest and most original comics I’ve had the pleasure to read. This title comes with my recommendation.

  1. Hey,dude

    thanks for the constructive comment and review you have posted here in your webcomicgeek site!

    This sure encouraged me alot to continue where I’ve left off and I hope fans would love to see what’s in store for them soon.

    Keep your dreams strong with you always for they are sacred as long before creation itself.


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