Villainous musings.

theks.jpgAntagonist is a hugely self referential comic that examines the nature of the villain. This knowing text comments with some insight upon the nature of comic book heroes and villains. It mercilessly mocks the plucky heroine archetype and is just as acerbic in its depiction of the villain. It opens by commenting upon the opening credits pointing out all the obvious plot points that the eager fan would have already worked out for themselves. I’m expecting plenty of meta-textual references like this from this web-comic. Now that kind of thing can be annoying or brilliant really depending on your tastes. So if things like Buffy that knowingly refer to genre or character convention gets up your nose then you should probably gives this a miss.

K the antagonist in question is in some ways your typical witty villain, except he has a penchant for self reference and analysis. He is in that regard a sympathetic character and enables the artist to tell us his story with some pathos.

The story is essentially a backdrop for this character analysis, so don’t expect a grand sweeping story arc. What you will see is a fairly straight forward comic canvas. There is a lot of potential for humour here with hackneyed villainous plots (I site Pinky and the Brain and Austin Powers as evidence). The high light for me so far has to be the karaoke invitation to the ‘Failed-Villains Association and the comic is well worth checking out for this alone.

The artwork is competent throughout with a manga influence but without being cutesy. Detailed black and white drawings add to the overall atmosphere of gloom emanating from the protagonist. I particularly like the artists depiction of energy blasts using swirls of black ink. The chaos of this drawing is a great contrast to the precision of the rest of the art.

I’d suggest we all give failed villains another chance and check this out.

  1. Thank you for the wonderful review- you explained Antagonist better and with more brilliant use of english than I ever may myself. It’s an amazing feeling to know how well I’m getting my point across, and to know that Antagonist is an appreciated work. Thank you for the review, again- I don’t think I could say this enough times- and keep doing what you’re doing. If you’re as accurate with other comics, you’re doing a great job yourself.

    PS: This was a beacon of joy and hope during the gloom of finals week. Thank you. Have I said that enough?

  2. Always nice to have a satisfied customer. 🙂

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