Magic Mushrooms anyone?

fgcomic_link.gifFungus Grotto is an intriguing title by Shatia Hamilton. This comic is just starting up and its a slow burn to begin with introducing the protagonist Vielle as she is about to leave home and venture into a wider world. However, she takes a very different journey than she was expecting. The creator warns that this modern fairytale is rated for older teens only as it will contain profanity, violence and nudity. In spite of the warnings this is a gentle start that takes a decidedly surreal twist. The only thing assaulting the reader’s eyes so far is the sumptuous artwork. The colours are amazing and the detail in the drawing is superb. I’ll be keeping tabs on this and I hope that the rest of the comic matches the quality of the artwork.

  1. Long live the magic mushrooms. Fungus grotto promisse alot.

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