A selection from the cheeseboard

pdrei15.gifProtektor Drei By Gerry Swanson is a tongue in cheek homage come parody to Giant mecha and monster movies. Bear with me here but this comic starts off when a German speaking pre-Sumerian civilisation, that just happens to be located on the American Continent, creates Protektor Drei to defend the world against badly drawn extra-dimensional monsters. Fast forward three thousand years and the giant mecha awakes and starts to rampage.

The artwork is reminiscent of Godzilla movies, in that its a bit naff and unconvincing but the audience doesn’t care. I don’t mean any disrespect here as it definitely has charm. Plenty of cheesy fun to be had here. If you like to watch mass destruction and dialogue with a hint of fromage then this is the comic for you.

saturn_bio.jpgJohnny Saturn by Scott Story (artist, co-writer), and Benita Story (letterer, co-writer) is a homage to silver age comics. It tells the tale of human punchbag Johnny Saturn and his one man mission to stop Dr Synn’s campaign of terror. It starts off with a good old Butch and Sundance battle between the Utopian and Johnny. Their relationship has taken more than a little inspiration from the problematic relationship between Supes and the Batman.

I think we can safely say that the comic has its tongue firmly in cheek with characters like Madame Fishnet. The character design and storyline are one hundred percent pulp (The Utopian makes the Beyonder look like a style guru).

The art is excellently drawn and reminds me of Marvel and DC comics from the 70’s and 80’s not only in style but also through the colouring, lettering and typography.

This comic puts the kitsch back into kapow. Go retro and give it a read.

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