Breakfast of the Gods

botg1cover.jpgBreakfast of the Gods is an utterly surreal strip by Brendan Douglas that takes its inspiration from breakfast cereal characters. In the words of Tony the Tiger its greaat! You wouldn’t normally expect a great deal from a comic that makes a feature of cereal box characters. However, this comic takes these familiar characters and gives them a unique twist.

The comic features the evil plots of Count Chocula and his abduction of various familiar characters. I have to say I found myself cheering for Chocula at a few points as he tortured some of the more annoying characters (Snap, Crackle and Pop have had it coming for some time). The artist has depicted Chocula and chums as a suitably sinister nemesis. Douglas even manages to make Tony the tiger sympathetic. For this feat alone you should be impressed (god is Tony annoying or what? He’s only exceeded in irritant factor by the aforementioned crispy elves).

The artist creates a coherent and intriguing world with a compelling storyline that has all the drama of a Wagnerian epic. Think the ring cycle meets coco-pops and you’re on the right wavelength.

The artwork is just as glossy as its source material but with a cartoonish dynamism that carry’s the narrative forward at an arresting pace. The key difference is of course the violence. This is not for the kiddies, unless there twisted kiddies like I was, who would pay good money to see the Honey Monster whacked.

I’m hungry for the next exciting installment.

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