The Geekies: WebComic of the year 2006

After a great deal of consideration I’m about ready to name a WebComic of the year.

The ground rules for the competition are fairly straightforward. The webcomic must have been reviewed on this site at least once. Any comic that had been awarded the monthly prize will be granted especial consideration. Also the amount of interest generated from a review will also impact on the decision as will the regularity of updates to the titles in question. There will be awards for Best WebComic, Best Art, Best Writing and Originality and innovation.

There are a number of nominees this year:

Instrument of War and Unity Rising by Robert Deas.

Activities for Rainy Days by Jessica Mcleod.

Antagonist by Swimming Trunks.

Uku by Otto Uhrwerk van Germain.

Withershins by Kelly Michael Kotulak.

SPQR Blues by Klio

I am a rocket builder by Cavemonster.

AlphaShade by by Christopher and Joseph Brudlos.

Dreamwalker Chronicles by Daryl Toh

I’m only sorry I had to narrow down the field so much and leave out so many great comics. If you have an opinion on who should win and why? please leave a comment. Your views will have an impact.

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