And the winner is…

rocket-builder.gifAfter much deliberation Webcomic of the Year is awarded to I am a rocket builder. It was actually today’s update that clinched it. The surreal humour, the innovative use of flash and the interwoven narrative make this my favourite comic of ’06. Only this comic could get you wondering about the Lemur uprising of ’68, it is brilliant.

spqrblues_olc_logo.pngThe award for Best Writer goes to SPQR Blues. This comic remains engaging and intriguing in-spite of (or maybe because of) its daily strip format. Felix is an incredibly sympathetic character and as a reader you’ll really care for him. Also Domitian is certainly one of the more memorable scumbags in the comic world. The greatest achievement here is to weave a fictional character into historical events and make it work.

Unity RisingBest Artist goes to Robert Deas for Unity Rising. I initially critiqued his style way back in my first Instrument of war review but what can I say I’ve seen the light. Deas achieves a great deal of expression and dynamism with a few lines. The art suits his material perfectly and encapsulates the epic feel of his comic. I also feel that he has great composition within individual frames, which are well balanced and draw the eye through the story with pace. Good stuff.

rocket-builder.gifI am a rocket builder picks up a second award for Originality and Invention. The use of Flash is used well to aid the narrative and humour, rather than just being a gimmick. The material is amazingly fresh and inventive as it interweaves four (soon to be five) separate narratives. The characters are intriguing, funny and sympathetic. Where else are you going to interactively follow a deposed sparrow tyrant around the insides of a mutant fish?

Best Webcomic of the Year: I am a Rocket builder

Best Writing: Klio for SPQR Blues

Best Artist: Robert Deas for Unity Rising

Award for Originality and Invention: Cave Monster A.K.A B. Shur for I am a rocket builder

Honourable mentions for Uku by Otto for a great piece of visual storytelling with sumptuous art and Antagonist by Swimming Trunks for great meta textual elements and humour. I’d suggest you check out all of the nominees’ comics and decide for yourself.

  1. Congrats to I am Rocket Builder!

    I am exciting just to be mentioned in this lineup. Line-up? I’m not entirely sure if that’s one word or two words… and the Jager is not helping.

    Happy new-years, and good luck to Rocket Builder in the coming months… I’m looking forward to more.


  2. Wow, I’m honoured to be awarded best artist amongst such fantastic illustrators. Thanks a lot and Happy New Year!

  3. Thank you. It is really easy to get discouraged sepending so much time doodling on a computer and flinging stuff out into the void. It means a lot when people find ejoyment in it. Especially since the job pays zero.

  4. Thank you for the award and for the commentary. Feedback from someone who really thinks about webcomics is very encouraging, and it’s great to hear that the characters I spend so much time with are clicking for others. When I first found out SPQR Blues had been mentioned on the site a while ago, I made sure to point folks here to read about the other webcomics covered, and I’ll point ’em here again. I’m looking forward to reading/catching up on I Am A Rocket Builder, Unity Rising, and Uku (I’m already seriously hooked on Antagonist…). Best wishes to all!

  5. Wow Klio, I’m so glad for you!!! You super deserve this award and so much more!! Please consider me as screenwriter help when Hollywood comes knocking to buy option rights to SPQR Blues 🙂

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