MagellanMagellan is a quirky superhero comic by Stephen Crowley. He has an unusual take on the school for superheroes shtick made so popular by X-men.
The story follows a determined ‘norm’, Kaycee Jones and her struggles to keep up with her super-powered peers. Kaycee is an interesting character for all her similarities to Batman (family member murdered by psychotic clown, able to outwit super-powered foes) as Crowley takes these familiar archetypes to create a fresh and intriguing narrative. There is a great deal of humour here and Crowley certainly takes an irreverent attitude to the heroes he depicts. I have to say I love Go!Anna (as in ozzy dialect for iguana) and Wombat man, though the star of the comic for me has to be Brelvis.
However don’t let the humour fool you as there is a great story arc that is captivating and at times confusing in its complexity.
The illustration is competent and the strength of the writing more than makes up for the occasional oddly proportioned bit of anatomy.
All in all a thoroughly entertaining read.

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