I’m on a wombat roll

DiggerI’ve been catching up with Digger by Ursula Vernon. Now for those of you that are familiar with this great comic you’ve heard it all before but what the hell I’m going to gush enthusiastically at embarrassing length or not as everyone keeps saying I write little reviews. Not that I’m bothered but I was trying to keep to the point.
Digger has just about everything I like in a comic. Great art, well developed characters and an intriguing plot line.
The grumpy wombat heroine, with a humour dry as shale, is a breath of fresh air in a genre dominated by pointy eared, Legolas clones. More importantly Digger is somewhat reluctant when it comes to adventures as fierce as she is when it comes to a fight she certainly doesn’t go looking for them.
Level headedness and dry humour is a much undervalued quality in a protagonist but the wombat has it in spades.
In fact all of the character s are well developed and interesting. The talking statue of Ganesh, Ed, the rather young Hag and the Shadow child are all part of a well rounded supporting cast.
The writing is superb with really engaging dialogue and a story that pulls you along even in the quieter moments, where Vernon explores the quirkier features of the world she’s created.
Speaking of which, I really love Vernon’s footnotes which are just as random and funny as you’d like, think Terry Pratchett but actually consistently funny. Even the geology stuff is funny, who’d have thought you could make rocks amusing.
Couple that with great art work and you’ve got a winning title. Vernon’s style is expressive and detailed. She is able to adapt her technique to meet the needs of the narrative and one of my favourite parts of the comic is a creation myth told via one of the characters cave paintings.
This has quickly become a favourite of mine. If you not heard of it go check it out and if you’re already a fan just “remember tunnel 17”

  1. P.S Volume One of Digger is out for Sale in print 🙂

  2. Couldn’t agree more! Despite being a fierce defender of webcomics (well, I have to be since I write a few of my own!) there are very few I actually feel compelled to follow. I discovered “Digger” relatively recently and although I have the usual prejudices against B&W art and anthro characters, I immediately wrote to Ursula Vernon telling her how much I enjoyed it. The writing is masterful, giving the exotic yet engaging cast of characters real depth. One of only two comics I have so far added to the “recommended” section of my links page. Good call.

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