Shades of the past


Shades by David Berner and Harso Mohan Chattoraj is an intriguing little title. What happens to heroes when their nation no longer needs them. This web comic traces Stanley Miller’s urgent quest to warn his old superhero comrades of a masked groups sinister intentions.
This is in an interesting take on the genre with forgotten heroes living off faded glories and an ordinary old man’s devotion to duty.

The art is has a fantastically brooding tone. Stan does have a tendency to gurn but the creators are aware of this enough to poke fun at it in a spoof of their own strip.
The writing captures the same brooding atmosphere as the art and depicts London as the shabby heart of faded empire.
A great strip that I’ll be keeping an eye on.

  1. Hey – I’ve only just noticed this review of our webcomic (you really should have told us!), so … thanks! Delighted you’re enjoying it so far. We have one more major character to appear (hint: it might even be this very Wednesday!) and then you’ll start to see some of the disparate plot-threads coming together. Thanks again – DAJB.

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