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Writers required

dan2.jpgI’m recruiting.  Webcomicgeek needs you.  As you may have noticed I’m still reeling from the arrival of my son and have been terrible with the updates of late.  Therefore I’m looking for peeps willing to contribute reviews to the site.  You can either join the team or you can send me the odd review.  I will of course remain admin for the blog but it would be nice to have a few other views.  Last year Jim ‘the Turk’ AKA jim42 wrote a great piece on Mythology.  If anyone is interested just let me know.

I’m so tired

dan2.jpgI’m not coping well with parenthood and blogging, hence the lack of updates at the minute.  I will be tying to make a couple of posts in the next few days about Gunnerkrig Court and Scary Go Round.  Talk soon 🙂

It makes me smile.

SmileSmile is a dental drama by Raina Telgemeir. What’s a dental drama you ask, well it’s a slice of life comic that deals with the anxiety of a young Raina suffering from the trauma of braces.

Now I can here you already saying that’s not for me, which is exactly what I thought but Raina had me entranced by the first page. Even if you’ve only ever had minor dental work you won’t help but sympathise with our pre teen protagonist.

The story is told with warmth and humour, which is mirrored in Telgemeir’s cartoony artistic style. I love Rain’s artwork (incidently she did some great work on Agnes Quill) it really is great to see some fine black and white artwork out there amidst the vast array of gaudily coloured comics. I’ve really enjoyed reading this series and the perspective of the child that Raina conjures up. Like Raina and the earthquake, I remember as a child thinking only about how a disaster had affected me in the most superficial ways. If you’re the kind of comic reader that tends to stick to the one genre give this a go it could change your attitude towards slice of life comics.

Hob is here!

hobWell the hype is finally over and Hob, the latest comic from Aaron Diaz of Dresden Kodak fame, has finally been unveiled. The art and colouring is exquisite as you’d expect with Diaz. Not much to say on this yet as there’s only a page to go on but I’m intrigued none the less.

Hero By Night Journals

hero.pngIn the Hero By Night Journals D.J Coffman has come up with a really refreshing spin on the superhero comic. He presents us with the collected journal entries for the Hero by night from 1945-1956. This enables the artist to cover his protagonists back story using a hand written journal supported by newspaper clippings, sketches for gadgets and superb colour illustrations masquerading as ‘photos’ taped into the journal. The Journal form also allows the artist free range to use a variety of medium.

Yes the journal approach is not completely original as it does have similarities to the excerpts of Night Owl’s journal in Watchmen. Coffman take it further though rather than simply tantalising us with the merest glimpse of his hero’s past.

A strength of this journal approach, with its first person narrative, enables the reader to get inside the hero’s head and experience their inner conflict in a way that is rarely possible in the traditional comic format. That is key to this comic’s success, Hero By Night (Lt. David Day) is an ordinary man behind the mask and powers, who constantly questions the wisdom of his one man crusade.

The choice of time period is also inspired as it enables Hero to face off against Evil Nazi’s, ghouls in the sewers and piratical street gangs. Coffman’s greatest achievement is that he pulls all of this Pulp comic goodness off without a hint of cheese. A real achievement considering characters like the Golden Glove and the Elementress. Incidentally the Golden Glove is my favourite supporting character.

All of this simply wets the appetite for Coffman’s anticipated Hero By Night print comic. I am a huge fan and I look forward to the March 21st release date.

Web Cartoonist’s Choice awards

dan2.jpgThe finalalists are in for the cartoonists choice awards. They really put my poor Geekies to shame with there huge list of awards and the array of talent covered. If your interested in webcomics then check it out and get voting for your favourites. Results are due on the 19th of February.

Artist required

dan2.jpgThe time has come to jazz this site up a bit. Now I can code CSS to a reasonable degree but I haven’t got an artistic bone in my body. Shock, horror a critic without talent who’d have thought it. Yes I stand at the sidelines sniping at artistic genius with envious bile. Seriously I’d like a nice new header and a site logo and I’m willing to pay a modest amount. Anyone got any suggestions for impoverished artists who are willing to prostitute their talent on this most paltry of projects. If anyone is interested in at least giving me a quote i’ll be able to propose a more serious brief.