dan2.jpgIt looks like Ice will be going on hiatus for a while as Faith is inundated with work. While we offer a sound huzzah for the artist making money and getting deserved recognition we will have to wait and see what Cirr’s side of the events are. Kudos for getting the George of the Jungle gig.

Lemetti is back with a few more great updates to Gone with the Blastwave with a couple of wickedly humorous pages. I have to say that Death-wish really tickled me but the I’ve got a sick sense of humour.

Jason Loo has been busy and he’s up to chapter 14 of his Battle between light and dark. It just keeps getting stranger but it is still compelling and the art is as always cool.

The Zombie Hunters has been down for some time and will remain so for the foreseeable future as it is currently undergoing a massive overhaul. Where will I get my Zombie fix now. Check out the site and join the mailing list to find out more.

Robert Deas has posted some excellent updates to Instrument of War during my downtime and I’m really enjoying the search for Isobel storyline. The page showing Isobel being transformed into the Instrument is particularly disturbing. I mean this as a compliment as I’m pretty sure Deas wants us to be creeped out.

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