Artist required

dan2.jpgThe time has come to jazz this site up a bit. Now I can code CSS to a reasonable degree but I haven’t got an artistic bone in my body. Shock, horror a critic without talent who’d have thought it. Yes I stand at the sidelines sniping at artistic genius with envious bile. Seriously I’d like a nice new header and a site logo and I’m willing to pay a modest amount. Anyone got any suggestions for impoverished artists who are willing to prostitute their talent on this most paltry of projects. If anyone is interested in at least giving me a quote i’ll be able to propose a more serious brief.

  1. What kind of “jazzing up” do you have in mind?


  2. A comic related header image so I can ditch the ordinary drabness of simple colour fades. Plus it would be cool to have a site logo and link banners. Yummers.

  3. ok, will give it some thought and get back to you.


  4. I’ve emailed a friend of mine who is, among other things, a comics illustrator. He will get in touch with you if he is interested.


  5. Thanks Neath that’s cool.

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