Hero By Night Journals

hero.pngIn the Hero By Night Journals D.J Coffman has come up with a really refreshing spin on the superhero comic. He presents us with the collected journal entries for the Hero by night from 1945-1956. This enables the artist to cover his protagonists back story using a hand written journal supported by newspaper clippings, sketches for gadgets and superb colour illustrations masquerading as ‘photos’ taped into the journal. The Journal form also allows the artist free range to use a variety of medium.

Yes the journal approach is not completely original as it does have similarities to the excerpts of Night Owl’s journal in Watchmen. Coffman take it further though rather than simply tantalising us with the merest glimpse of his hero’s past.

A strength of this journal approach, with its first person narrative, enables the reader to get inside the hero’s head and experience their inner conflict in a way that is rarely possible in the traditional comic format. That is key to this comic’s success, Hero By Night (Lt. David Day) is an ordinary man behind the mask and powers, who constantly questions the wisdom of his one man crusade.

The choice of time period is also inspired as it enables Hero to face off against Evil Nazi’s, ghouls in the sewers and piratical street gangs. Coffman’s greatest achievement is that he pulls all of this Pulp comic goodness off without a hint of cheese. A real achievement considering characters like the Golden Glove and the Elementress. Incidentally the Golden Glove is my favourite supporting character.

All of this simply wets the appetite for Coffman’s anticipated Hero By Night print comic. I am a huge fan and I look forward to the March 21st release date.

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