It makes me smile.

SmileSmile is a dental drama by Raina Telgemeir. What’s a dental drama you ask, well it’s a slice of life comic that deals with the anxiety of a young Raina suffering from the trauma of braces.

Now I can here you already saying that’s not for me, which is exactly what I thought but Raina had me entranced by the first page. Even if you’ve only ever had minor dental work you won’t help but sympathise with our pre teen protagonist.

The story is told with warmth and humour, which is mirrored in Telgemeir’s cartoony artistic style. I love Rain’s artwork (incidently she did some great work on Agnes Quill) it really is great to see some fine black and white artwork out there amidst the vast array of gaudily coloured comics. I’ve really enjoyed reading this series and the perspective of the child that Raina conjures up. Like Raina and the earthquake, I remember as a child thinking only about how a disaster had affected me in the most superficial ways. If you’re the kind of comic reader that tends to stick to the one genre give this a go it could change your attitude towards slice of life comics.

  1. Really enjoyed your post we have read this book too, and enjoyed it a lot. We are doing a school project with a book blog and we chose Smile as one of our books, and would love some readership.

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