Gunnerkrig Court Or why can’t I teach there.

Gunnerkrig CourtGunnerkrig Court by Tom Siddell is familiar territory, a supernatural school story but it is far superior to Harry Potter and its ilk. For a start this is definitely not an influence as the comic has an edgier darker tone than anything produced by Rowling. Despite Antimony, the main character, initially looking like a bratz doll this title has more in common with the game Ico. Only in the sense that it shares a vast castle like setting and strange shadow creatures do make an appearance. Antimony draws you into this comic, she is a smart and empathetic heroine who’s personal tragedy and curiosity endear her to the reader. As a side note the protagonists head seems to have returned to more normal dimensions. This comic turns cliche’s on their head and creates a cast of compelling characters backed by an intriguing sense of mystery. And what characters, they range from the comic Doctor Disaster to the sinister Reynardine, who is one of my favourites. I can’t wait to see how he’ll try to get out of his current predicament.

If you like a good mystery and compelling writing coupled with cool artwork you can’t go wrong with Gunnerkrig Court.

  1. Just finished reading chapter 1 & 2. I love it. I never would have found this without your review. Thanks!

    • Ethix
    • September 19th, 2008

    I like this comic, im really glad i randomly found it, the review there is pretty spot on – its great stuff.

    • Charlotte
    • March 4th, 2011

    love this comic my uncle(Stuart Glover)is friends with Tom Siddel!!!

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