First among the Fallen

lucifer.jpgI’ve just finished reading the whole of the Lucifer story arc and I have to say I’m mightily pleased. I found the character fascinating when he first cropped up in Sandman. Interestingly Lucifer shares a number of qualities with Sandman. The one similarity I like the most is the intriguing supporting characters. And what a range of characters they are from the Lilim to Fenris each character is well rounded and believable. My particular favourite has to be Briadach the Blind (but then I’ve got a soft spot for all the Lilim and their assorted oddities). Mike Carey has done a superb job on this title ably supported by the artistic talents of Peter Gross and Ryan Kelly (not to give short shrift to the other artists, I just like what Kelly and Gross have done with the comic). This has ben a great story arc and I have to say it didn’t end as I would have expected all those issues ago when Amenadiel walked into Lux and got up Lucifer’s nose. This series is well worth the investment and if you haven’t been following it you can now read it in full without the agonising wait between issues that I have had to go through.

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