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Zombie round up

Everyone loves a zombie apocalypse. There’s something inherently amusing about the collapse of civilisation into a shuffling, moaning host of moronic cannibals (who none the less seem no different from ourselves in a soulless modern world). There are a number of comic incarnations out there,which truly capture the feeling of nihilism, despair and dark humour.

deadwinterFirst up is new kid on the block S. Dave Shabet with Dead Winter. This follows the parallel stories of hit-man Black Monday Blues and naive waitress Elizabeth Rose Cooper.

This first chapter starts off with the mundane reality of Elizabeth’s life as a waitress and follows her as she unwittingly stumbles into the end of the world. What works really well here is the fact that the collapse of this character’s personal life is more important than the destruction of civilisation. The moaning hordes simply act as an epic back drop and as a catalyst in this human drama. Now if that makes it sound too serious for you don’t be put off the whole story is told with wit and some cleverly observed caricatures.

The Black Monday Blues part of the story is the weakest really as it does drift towards a sub Tarinto storyline and seems a lot more laboured when compared with the other story arc. It has its moments but I much prefer the other character.

The artist makes a good use of a stark black and white pallet occasionally interspersed with a flash of red to highlight the main characters. Shabet has a comic (as in humorous) style that has a lot in common with Faith Erin Hicks Demonology 101. Shadow is used to great effect to conjure an appropriately gloomy mood.

At the end of this chapter I find myself looking forward to chapter two, which is always a good sign.

long1.jpgOur old favourite The Zombie Hunters keeps going from strength to strength with a good steady update making up for the previous hiatus. Fans of the series will find themselves well rewarded for their dedication with chapter three of this excellent title. As I’ve previously mentioned here and here, the artwork is superb, the dialogue funny and the gore excessive as you’d expect. The zombies are also quite different from what you’d expect. This still has to be one of my fave zombie titles.

zombies callingOne of my favourite artists Faith Erin Hicks has finally got Zombies Calling off the ground and she is sharing with us all the original one shot joke comic, the pitch comic and a preview of the soon to be finished print comic. The art is superb as you would expect from Hicks and uses black and white ink to good effect. The story has evolved slightly from its goofy origins but it still retains a great sense of humour and I’m sure as we get into the print run we’ll see some of the pathos that Hicks does so well. Get over there and read it now and buy the comic when its printed.

All three strips manage the right blend of gore and humour. Add them to your reading diet they’re even tastier than brains.

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