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News round up

Well a lot can happen in four months. First off Aaron Diaz, author of Dresden Kodak, has gone Pro. A major step for any comic artist. So get over there and show your support with some loose change if you’ve ever been a reader and his work on Hob readily deserves our aid. More of that anon.

noprobsmlinessm.jpgSecondly, Faith Erin Hicks has got ZombiesCalling off the ground and running, you can buy a copy at Amazon if you haven’t already. Also Hick’s is doing a number of signings if you’re stateside. She still finds the time to update Ice as well.

Finally I’ve decided to phase out the atrist of the month feature. I just can’t read enough comics in a month.

Guess who’s back?

dan2.jpgCan it really be four months. Phew! parenting is hard. As you can tell I rarely have time to post. Well I’m going to make a greater effort from now on.