The Process

The StormJoe Infurnari’s The Process made the shortlist as a result of the gorgeous artwork and the brilliant concept.

Infurnari’s artwork is truly spectacular, he not only conjures up a weird fantasy world but also visualises the creative process at work.

This comic truly is a masterpiece of layout design. Each page is a work of art and some pages take on the complexity of a modernist mandala. Sprays of colour and complex interweaving of images that I have only ever seen successfully realised in Blade of the Immortal, until now. While Hiroaki uses his technique for the occasional center piece, Infurnari treats us to visual spectaculars far more regularly.

If that wasn’t good enough Infurnari, gives a glimpse into his creative process with detailed comments and rough sketches. It is great to see the artistic process at work and dissected so thoughtfully and reflectively.

If you consider yourself a fan of comics then The Process is a title that demands your attention with a visual insistence and a degree of intellectual playfulness rare in the form.

  1. WOW! Thanks for the insightful review, Vileboy (it’s funny that such insightful writing would come under such a moniker). But really, I’m honored to have such great readers for “the Process”. It’s posts like this that affirm what I am doing and keep me engaged with this project. The interaction with readers through comments and reviews like this definitely become part of my creative process and I am very grateful for all of them. Thank you!

  2. Oh yes, the Process Webcomic is unique. It’s far away from what you usually mean by “webcomic”.

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