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The winner of Webcomic of the year ’07 (at last)

dc_banner5.jpgThe winner of 07’s competition is Aaron Diaz for Hob. I’ve been a huge fan of Dresden Kodak for some time. Not only is Diaz’s art top notch but is backed up by some great writing. I’m still amazed that a comic that regularly name drops the likes of Niels Bohr and their discoveries can be so funny. This is fresh, inventive stuff and its great to see a story developing. While Diaz’s previous stories seemed to have thematic links and the brilliant Kimiko they lacked coherence until know. I’m loving this story and the depth that it’s adding to familiar characters.

The StormBest Artist goes to Joe Infurnari for The Process. His art is truly spectacular and seems to go from strength to strength as the project develops. I don’t think I can add anymore to what I’ve said previously in my rather gushing review. However, it was the spectacular image on page 14 of chapter 2 that clinched it. The idea behind this comic nearly clinched a second award and along with Rebecca Sugar’s Pug Davis, made judging the originality and invention award really difficult.

rice boyEvan Dahm wins the award for Most Originality and Invention with his comic Rice Boy. Dahm has crafted a beautiful and weirdly fascinating world for his protagonist, populated by some of the most original characters I’ve come across in some time. This beautiful and touching story was just pipped at the post for the best writing award.

spqrblues_olc_logo.pngWhich goes To Klio and SPQR Blues once again. This is the second year in a row as Best Writer for Klio but I’m completely sucked in by the complexity and consistency of the writing. The winning quality has to be the fact that Klio captures mundane everyday Roman life and yet breathes an epic feeling into the character’s lives. Whats more Klio makes this authentic feeling seem effortless in the writing when it probably takes a huge amount of knowledge to make it work.

Best Webcomic of the Year: Hob by Aaron Diaz

Best Writing: Klio for SPQR Blues

Best Artist: Joe Infurnari for The Process

Award for Originality and Invention: Evan Dahm for Rice Boy.

Honourable mentions go to all of the nominees but especially Nicholas Gurewitch who manages make laugh every time and Jenny Romanchuk as I’m a big fan of her work.

Pug Davis

Pug DavisRebecca Sugar’s Pug Davis is a great riff on classic American pulp Space opera. The eponymous hero is one of the most memorable and striking I’ve come across in some time. Add in to the mix The Blouse, Pug’s camp sidekick and you have one of comic’s great odd couples. The interplay between the characters is great and their developing friendship is fun to watch as it spasmodically comes to life.

The true star of the title is Sugar’s artwork. Each page has a fluid elegance and an organic quality which creates a real sense of movement. I love the strangeness of the characters both human and alien. The vengeful shape-changing villain in Issue 2 ‘Pug v’s Blouse‘ has got to be one of my favourites so far.

The art work is accompanied by some great writing and this is most prominent in the dialogue, which seems to flow effortlessly. Another stand out moment for me is in issue 1, when The Blouse overhears the customers in the diner exchanging stories about Pug’s achievements.

I love this comic and its a pleasure to read a title that has artwork to match its writing credentials. Good stuff.


Perry Bible Fellowship recap

perrybiblefellowship.jpgNicholas Gurewitch is clearly an insane genius. PBF is often surreal, sometimes disturbing but always funny take on anything and everything. It’s also one of the few traditional three panel comics amongst the nominees. I can’t recommend this comic highly enough. I bought the hardback collection ‘The Trial of Colonel Sweeto and other stories‘,which is worth every penny, as it helps support a great artist and a twisted comic mind. Get your copy today, if your unsure, the print format works just as well as on the web and it looks absolutley gorgeous with its sweet based lynch mob on the cover. Check it out for yourself and decide whether your Pro Skub or Anti Skub.