Albion: Home of the weird

Albion is an amazing series that fully taps into the vein of weirdness that ran through IPC.  If you’re not familiar with IPC’s output don’t be put off as everything is explained as the series unfolds.  I must admit to a slight cheat here in that I shelled out for the nice shiny prestige format.  I’m unrepentant as I now have the whole story where I can get my hands on it and it looks great on my bookshelf.  The hardcover also contains some original reprints, which are worth the price alone.  (I’m biased it reminds me of my misspent youth).  This is beautifully written and ties in seamlessly with its classic source material.  Nonetheless this is a comic that stands up on its own merits.  Like a good cover song it shows respect for the original and yet becomes a unique work of art in its own right.  To stretch the analogy this is no greedy grab and smash raid on IPC’s vaults.   As a UK citizen I might add that its great to see classic British comics getting the recognition they deserve and I think you’ll agree that the characters that stalk Albion’s pages are a refreshing change to spandex wearing American hero’s with their million dollar smiles.  Read it for yourself and like me you’ll be raiding the piggy bank and dashing off to by Albion: Origins to get your next fix of Dollman and Cursitor Doom.

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