Manga Shakespeare

I’ve been really busy at work but at last I’ve managed to twist a little reviewing out it and not feel slack. The new range of Manga Shakespeare texts published by Self made hero are designed to make the Bard more appealing to kids. I’m not certain if that will happen but I don’t really care because I enjoyed the read. Now I’ve only read The Tempest and Richard III so far in the series but they are an excellent taste of what the series has to offer. Lets face it Richard lends himself well to the role of Manga villain with his gloating evil and sinister plots and Patrick Warren perfectly realises the gllomy doom laden plot of the play. Paul Duffield has the harder task as far as I’m concerned with The Tempest. To start with its a comedy, Shakespearean comedies are not great in the main and with the exception of some cracking speeches this is not my favourite Shakespeare play. All that said Duffield does a great job of bringing the enchanted isle to life and merging the Bard with Manga style. I’m looking forward to Macbeth which is being illustrated by Robert Deas of Instrument of War fame. From the material he’s posted on his site it looks to be good.

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