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I’m practically living at Zuda comics at the moment because they’ve got some excellent talent showcased over there.  I’ve just finished reading High Moon by David Gallaher, Steve Ellis and Scott O Brown and damn I’m impressed.  Now you might think werewolves, cowboys and vampire batmen with too many eyes wouldn’t mix with the old west.  You might also think that its all been done before.  In spite of this High Moon works.  It has the virtues that all good comics require good writing, excellent art and memorable distinctive characters.  Speaking of which the mysterious Matthew Macgreggor the ex-Pinkerton hero of the piece is great.  Take Clint Eastwood’s Man with no name, mix in Wolverine with occult knowledge and you’ve got a rough idea of what he’s like.  Now I say this as a shorthand to description rather than as a critique of the character.  Yes he draws upon some fairly iconic archetypes but he is his own character.  All of the supporting cast are excellenta and it is the quality of Gallaher’s writing that immediatley pulls you headlong into a mystery that manages to defy your expectations.  Ellis’ art is deeply atmospheric in the sense of horror and in capturing the period.  It is this that initially hooks the reader and once you’re eyes are glued to the page the writing keeps you turning pages.  Finally Scott O Brown’s solid work on lettering helps to finish off the whole package.  This is one that I’ll be voting for and I can’t wait for the next installment.

  1. High Moon rocks!

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