Double double toil and trouble

Robert Deas’ Manga Macbeth is a refreshing change. For those of you who don’t know I teach English and I’ ve had to endure teaching Macbeth for years.  So to say the play is a bit stale for me is an understatement.  Deas has revitalised the story for me.  To see such a familiar story alongside such vital art is a treat.  Its a bit like waking up and re appreciating the view from your window.  The violence and ambition of the story unfolds across the pages and Macbeth’s fall while totally re-imagined is at the same time completely authentic.  I’ve waxed lyrical about Deas’ work before and I’m unashamedly a fan so I’m a wee bit biased.  However, as I mentioned when I first reviewed a couple of the Manga Shakespeare titles, I wasn’t expecting to like them and I thought they’d just be a sales gimmick.  Fortunately I’ve been proven wrong as this is a well considered project that has showcased some excellent talent.  If your last experience of Shakespeare was being bored in a classroom this will change your mind.  On the other hand if you like well executed manga from an excellent artist then you’ll like it too.

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