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The nominations for Webomic of the Year 2008

The nominated webcomics can be found  as follows:

High Moon by David Gallaher and Steve Ellis

Bayou by Jeremy Love and Patrick Morgan

Marsh Rocket by Jules Rivera

Hob by Aaron Diaz

Rice Boy by Evan Dahm

Wonderella by Justin Pierce

Digger byUrsula Vernon

The Process by Joe Infurnari

Gunnerkrig Court by Tom Siddel

Shades byDavid A J Berner and Harsho Mohan Chattoraj

Octopus Pie by Meredith Gran

Webcomic of the Year 2008: Going out with a bang or a wimper?

I’ll be posting a list of potential candidates and categories for the Geekies.  Please feel free to suggest other comics and this year their will be a public Vote.  Huzzah!  This may well be the end of webcomicgeek and the Geekies so make your vote count.