The results at last!

dapper_danWell the votes are in and after a great deal of deliberation here are the winners after the jump:

high-moonHigh Moon wins webcomic of the year ‘o8 by popular demand and I’m please to go with the majority for once.  A professionally produced comic that deserves it own print run.  Superb atmospheric artwork from Steve Ellis captures the essence of David Gallaher’s masterful writing.  This is a comic I would pay for in a financial crisis; publishers take note.

large_03.jpgOur award for Best Writing goes to Marsh Rocket.  This Neo-Noir from Jules Rivera is done with effortless style and panache.  The clever dialogue never seems forced.  The rue mastery of the writing is making characters witty and charming with lines that would make you and I just seem cheesy.  Excellent stuff.

bayouBest art goes to Jeremy Love for Bayou for artwork that is atmospheric and dreamlike by turns.  For me it is the art that captures the essence of Love’s narrative.  Patrick Morgan’s work as colourist on this title cannot be ignored as it gives a vibrancy that brings the images to life.

rice boyMost originality and invention goes to Rice boy by Evan Dahm.  A moving, poignant narrative  in a world that is bizarre and yet strangely believable.  This comic is distinctive not only in its artwork but in its writing.  I was sad to see it finish but satisfied in seeing a fitting end to a wonderful story.

Respect is due to all our runners up as they are excellent comics in their own right.  Wonderella deserves a mention for the excellent Batman prankcall which was not only hilarious in its own right but continues to amuse as Justin Pierce has received hate mail from Batfans!  I also have to mention the superb Gunnerkrig Court, a personal favourite and a comic worthy of your attention.  Feel free to leave your comments on the results.

  1. That is soooo awesome! Thank you everyone!

  2. Hey everyone thanks you so much for the nod!

    • Anonymous
    • February 18th, 2009

    Congrats! High Moon deserves the win!

  3. Congrats! High Moon deserves the win!

  4. Rock out! Thanks everyone for your vote and thanks for the nomination!

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