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In the spotlight: Transmission X

dapper_danThroughout this week I will be featuring the work of this Canadian collective.  Kicking off tonight with Aardehn

Bottle of Awesome

DCBofABottle of Awesome is the latest offering by Andy Belanger.  It is different from his work on Raising Hell but has a generous helping of humour.

This isn’t a strip that made me laugh out loud but I did find myself smiling a great deal at the high school hell portrayed by Andy B.  The level of humour is the same as its adolescent protagonists which is wholly in keeping with the tone of the comic.

The art is spectacular, capturing frenetic, goofy action with vibrancy.  The artwork has to be the highpoint of the title so far.  That may be unfair on the writing but with only  eight pages to go on, you’ll forgive me for being conservative.

This is definitely a comic with a lot of promise.