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Gone with the blastwave but back with a new URL

homeworld1.jpgIf you’re a long term fan of Kimmo Lemmeti’s post apocalyptic vision you can breath a sigh of relief.  Blastwave is back. For those of you that have followed Kimmo’s domain problems, the original domain is gone for good following a ridiculous hike in prices but have no fear blastwave is here.

High Moon in a store near you from 30th September

high-moonI’ve just finished reading through my advanced copy of High Moon.  It’s superb.  Nothing beats holding a comic in your hands, as you turn from page to page without having to wait for a slow connection or fearing that the net will go down before you finish reading.  I’ve converted five of my friends to High Moon allready  (they devoured the book in nothing flat and vowed to buy their own copies) who previously had ignored my enthusiasm because they couldn’t face clicking through the pages.  Well what do you get for $15?  Everything you’ve read before in all its glory.  Ellis’ artwork is even more spectacular in the palm of your hand; the computer screen just doesn’t do it justice.  The relief for me as a fan of the title on the web is that they’ve changed nothing,  the layouts are exctly the same.  Often its tempting to rework things to fit the traditional comic format but the landscape 6″x9″ format allows the creative team to be true to the original.  This is one of my essential buys of 2009.

Aardehn – Dynamic demon hunting (Note: comic NSFW)

Eric Vedder’s Aardehn follows the exploits of Demon-hunter Celeste Dragoric.  The art is truly stunning and is one of the best looking black and white titles I’ve seen in some time.  Vedder occasionally experiments with coloured pages early on in the series but I think the black and white pallet gives the series greater tension.  Aardehn wears its manga inspiration with pride and the dynamism of the art gives the sense that the page will burst into motion at any time.  The fights scenes in particular are superbly paced balancing perfectly between tension and action.  They are both bloody and stylised.   Vedder also creeps out the reader with a sense of body horror thats just shy of Cronenberg.  The sight of Kuu, Celeste’s demon bursting from her midriff is unsettling.  The demon’s in this title are a queasy mix of Lovecraftian and manga horrors.  Be warned tentacles and teeth abound.  As i warned above this comic is NSFW as there is occasional female nudity.  I personally feel it is not really necessary nad there is only one occasion where I feel it could be justified by the plot.  This is an interesting title and I’ll be keeping an eye on it.

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Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day: this Weekend!

septemberWell did you all join Aaron Diaz in freaking out innocent passersby by shouting “welcome to  the world of tomorrow” in an odd voice.  If not shame on you.

High Moon hits a store near you soon!

high-moonHIGH MOON, David Gallaher’s critically acclaimed werewolf western series, is set to hit bookstores and comic shops on September 30.  I am awaiting my advanced copy and once I get my grubby mits on it I will be post a review.

History in the making

I’ve just found a great site for webcomic readers Archive Binge, which allows you to catch up on the back history of your favourite webcomics in a simple RSS feed.  Thanks to Lifehacker for the tip.